What are my payment options?

There are three separate charges for surgery – surgeon’s fees, hospital (facility) fees and Anesthesia.  The total package price is the total of these and breakdown is provided at your initial consultation.

ALL fees must be paid in full at least 10 days prior to your surgery.

For surgeon’s fees, our office is able to accept cash, a cashier’s checks, Visa, MasterCard or Discover cards.   We do NOT accept personal checks or money orders.

Please note that the cardholder whose name appears on the credit card must personally sign a credit card slip. For example, a spouse or dependent can NOT sign the credit card slip if their name is not on the card.

The hospital and anesthesia providers will also accept cash, Cashier’s checks or major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).  Personal checks are NOT accepted by the Hospital or Anesthesia.

Self-Pay Bariatric Surgery Package Pricing for Dr. Scott Laker

Initial Consultation for Self-Pay Surgery - $250.00

  • Payment is due at the time of your consultation.  We accept cash or credit cards* for this fee.
  • This fee is non-refundable, but will be applied to the cost of your surgery package if you choose to proceed to surgery.

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Package - $16,496.00

  • Hospital charges include preadmission testing, surgery suite & recovery room charges, and a 1-2 day hospital stay Anesthesia
  • Surgeon’s fee – including pre-operative office visit, performing the surgery and the first 90 days of post-operative care.

Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Package - $19,015.00

  • Hospital charges include pre-admission testing, surgery suite & recovery room charges, Anesthesia and a two day hospital stay
  • Surgeon’s fee – including pre-operative office visit, performing the surgery and the first 90 days of post-operative care.

What about other costs for the surgery?

The cost of an initial consultation ($250) applies toward the price of your surgery.  The total  price quoted includes pre-op appt. with Dr. Laker, anesthesia, surgery suite costs (including  an average OR time and recovery room) plus inpatient stay for the specified number of hospital days and 90 days of routine post-operative care in our office.

The cost of surgery does NOT include additional OR time or an extended hospital stay, additional surgery (repairing a hernia, for example), professional fees for Radiologist, Pathologist or other healthcare provider consultations (if utilized) and/or additional care for complications (such as breathing treatments by Respiratory Therapy, blood transfusions, etc.).

How soon can I have my surgery?

You will leave the initial consultation appointment with a workup list (which will include at least a medical clearance by your primary care physician).

Surgery is scheduled when the following are received in our office:

  1. We have received unequivocal signed medical clearance from your primary care physician along with results of lab work & and EKG.  Your psychological evaluation report must be received and provide unequivocal clearance for surgery.
  2. When you are able to pay the cost of your surgery in full.   Full payment is due at or before a final pre-op appointment with Dr. Laker – which must be at least 10 days before surgery.

Do I need to have any testing or evaluations before I can schedule my surgery?

ALL self-pay surgery patients must have medical clearance for surgery by their primary care physician (PCP) – and this MUST include at least a 12 lead EKG & basic blood work.

  • Any additional testing ordered by your primary care physician for the medical clearance is solely at the discretion of your PCP.
  • Please note that the blood work must be done no more than 60 days prior to surgery.

Self-pay patients will also require a psychological clearance.  Dr. Laker will discuss this during your consultation.   

I have a hernia?  Can it be repaired at the same time as my bariatric surgery?

In theory, yes.  Your health insurance should cover costs related only to the hernia repair.  You will need to self-pay the cost of the bariatric surgery in full.  It is important to keep in mind that this is a medical decision - Dr. Laker will need to determine if this is the appropriate plan for your specific case. 

How am I prepared for surgery and beyond…what about patient education?

Prior to surgery being scheduled, ALL patients – whether self-pay or insured - are required to attend a seminar (either viewed in our office viewed online at your home).  You must pass a completed written test to verify that you viewed it)

If you are unsure whether this is right for you, consider scheduling a few office visits for additional weight loss counseling before proceeding.  Self-pay pricing applies to these visits.

All patients receive detailed pre-operative counseling and education at the final pre-operative office visit.  In addition, the hospital dietitian will visit you while you are in the hospital to discuss the initial phase of your post-operative diet.

In order to maximize the opportunity for success, monthly support group meetings are available for post-operative patients.  Information on support group meetings will be provided to you at the time of your surgery.

If I self-pay for my surgery will my insurance company pay for post-operative care?  What if I obtain new insurance with bariatric surgery coverage at a later date?

If an insurance company did not authorize and pay for the surgery they will usually not pay for any routine post-operative care related to the procedure.  In addition, a new insurer is unlikely to pay for post-operative care even though you may have changed insurance and now have "bariatric surgery" coverage.  This is because you did not follow the medical policy and receive prior authorization with whatever insurance was in effect at the time of your surgery.

The self-pay price is $65.00 for an office visit.  If you have an adjustable gastric band, the cost is $125.00 for a LapBand® band adjustment with office visit; $65 if there isn’t a band adjustment.  To receive this price payment is due when services are rendered.  Payment options are the same as listed above.

If we bill insurance and they reject your claim you will be billed at the allowed price set by your insurance company – which IS higher than the above self-pay prices.   We will NOT discount after an insurance rejection because IF we send it to billing, we have additional costs to pay for the billing company's services.   Our self-pay price reflects a discount that ONLY applies when payment is made on the day of service.  In addition, we cannot retroactively bill insurance for any previous date of service.

Important Information:

  • Any additional costs for complications, professional fees for Radiology &/or Pathology, additional hospital days or additional care above the procedure & length of stay described above are the patient’s responsibility.
  • Post operative care after the first 90 days:   $65.00 for an office visit; $125.00 for a LapBand adjustment.  Payment is required at the time of service.
  • The surgery package price must be paid in full before your surgery can be scheduled.  For your convenience we accept cash, Cashier’s checks & credit cards*.
  • Neither the Hospital nor Anesthesia Associates accept Care Credit®.  Their fees can be paid by cash or a Cashier’s check and major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express)

*****Our office accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover.   Sorry, our office does NOT accept American Express. Pricing subject to change, please confirm current costs our office.

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