Michigan Hernia Surgery Self-Pay and Cash Pay Programs Developed by Dr. Scott Laker

The changing insurance landscape has had a profound effect on many individuals and families. Monthly premiums continue to rise and deductibles are at all-time highs. Many insurance plans require spending $5000-7000 before coverage comes into effect. Because of this, many patients have contacted my office looking for other payment options. Michigan Surgery believes that hernia surgery costs are too high, especially for patients without insurance. It is customary for a hospital to charge an exceptionally high price for minor procedures knowing that insurance companies will only reimburse them for 10-50% of the asking price. When an uninsured patient needs surgery, he or she is forced to pay the exorbitant fees because, as an individual, they are unable to negotiate with the hospital for a reasonable rate. This is a huge disservice to hard working people who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid, but not enough to pay the high cost of health insurance.

Michigan's Leader in Cash Pay and Self-Pay Hernia Surgery Options

ScottLaker186x148Dr. Laker has worked with a local surgery center to keep costs down allowing him to provide hernia surgery for one low fee. In general, the cost of performing hernia surgery in an out-patient setting is 50% lower than performing the same procedure (using same equipment, materials and personnel) in a hospital. Dr. Laker is now able to provide the same high quality, safety and exceptional outcomes he is known for in the out-patient setting for a fraction of the cost. Initial consultations for hernia surgery costs $250, however, this payment will be applied to the cost of your surgery should you wish to proceed with surgery.  Dr. Laker is an expert in the field of hernia repair and will work with you to pick the proper procedure so that you can get back to your life and family with the least amount of recovery time and without incurring tens of thousands of dollars of unnecessary costs. Need a hernia surgery or repair but have no insurance? No Problem. Performing surgery at an ambulatory surgery center is a way to reduce the amount of “out of pocket” dollars in the face of high deductible plans.

If you're in Michigan, Dr. Laker has the solution for your hernia problems. If you have, or suspect having a hernia contact Dr. Laker to find out how to quickly and effectively treat this condition.

Self-Pay Pricing for Hernia Procedures

Pricing is based upon payment of 100% prior to the surgery.  Scheduling for surgery will not be done until full payment has been received. The total cost of the procedure covers:

  • Surgery Center – materials, equipment, medications (does not include prescription medications upon discharge), personnel
  • Anesthesia – this includes both the physician and the nurse anesthetist
  • Surgeon fee – pre-operative evaluation, surgical procedure and post-operative care for 90 days after surgery

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Surgical Procedures

The following are the procedures offered as a self pay option - contact the office for further information.

**The above prices reflect “typical” hernias in patients that are considered a reasonable surgical candidate. There are some instances in which the overall health of the individual or the nature of the hernia may require treatment at an inpatient hospital setting with the availability of ICU care, additional specialists and the ability for radiologic testing and interventions. It is at the discretion of the surgeon to determine if you meet the criteria for self-pay surgery. Having a consultation does not guarantee that self-pay surgery will be performed. Consultation fees are not refundable based on the ability to proceed with surgery.

What are my payment options?

There are three separate charges for surgery – surgeon’s fees, hospital (facility) fees and Anesthesia.  The total package price is the total of these and breakdown is provided at your initial consultation.

ALL fees must be paid in full at least 10 days prior to your surgery.

For surgeon’s fees, our office is able to accept cash, a cashier’s checks, Visa, MasterCard or Discover cards.   We do NOT accept personal checks or money orders.

Please note that the cardholder whose name appears on the credit card must personally sign a credit card slip. For example, a spouse or dependent can NOT sign the credit card slip if their name is not on the card.

The hospital and anesthesia providers will also accept cash, Cashier’s checks or major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).  Personal checks are NOT accepted by the Hospital or Anesthesia.

** Pricing Disclaimer

The prices for the procedures listed on this website is the total cost for the procedure and includes the facility fee, the anesthesiologist’s fee, nurse anesthetist’s and the surgeon’s fee. The initial consultation with the surgeon is also included, as is uncomplicated follow-up care for the 90 day global period after completion of the surgery.

The $250 initial consultation fee is applied to the total cost of the procedure should surgery be indicated. If surgery is not indicated the $250 will be retained by us. Our goal is for the price to be as transparent as possible.

A list of what is NOT included in the fee is as follows:

Any diagnostic studies necessary prior to the surgery such as lab, CT, U/S, consultations with specialists to determine medical risk/management, physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Lodging and travel expenses are not included in the price of the procedures.

Expenses or fees resulting from complications subsequent to the completion of the surgery and discharge from the facility are also not included.

The prices listed are not negotiable and are available only to those who pay the entire amount in advance. If you are scheduled for surgery through your health insurance, the prices listed on the website do not apply to you.

In some circumstances, based on age, medical conditions and the complexity of the hernia, Dr Laker may recommend that the procedure be performed in a hospital setting.  Should your procedure require a hospital setting the self-pay pricing will no longer apply.

All major credit cards (except American Express) are accepted.  Certified checks are accepted.  Personal checks will not be accepted.